Pain Management

Pain ManagementThe diagnosis and effective treatment of chronic pain can be a challenging undertaking and has recently become a source of much controversy. The best approach has been utilizing a team of experts in different aspects of chronic pain management, allowing treatment approaches that can include medication therapy, targeted interventions/injections, physical medicine (PT and chiropractic), behavioral health, massage therapy, acupuncture, and any other treatment approach that may show benefit. We are assembling a team of health care experts who can work together to find the best approaches to treat the multitude of reasons that people experience chronic pain.

Chronic pain does not always manifest with problems that can be seen in a person’s outward appearance or in laboratory testing, radiographic scans, or biopsy results. Because chronic pain can be invisible to the naked eye and medical testing, many people have trouble convincing their friends, families, and doctors the extent of their pain and suffering. The challenges in diagnosing the source of pain and evaluating the benefits of treatment have made it very challenging to design high quality research studies the prove benefits of nearly all pain treatment approaches offered today.

The best approach to chronic pain management will involve close collaboration between providers who offer different therapeutic approaches to the problem. We will continue to develop the best complete treatment care options for chronic pain problems while collecting information on the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes across a wide range of painful conditions, which can help define and illuminate the treatment benefits.

Pain Management Providers

Nathaniel Brochu, Physician Assistant